Git Interactions
Laravel" Vue Git GitHub API

GitInteractions (2020)

GitInteractions is an analytical tool crafted to dig into git repositories. By producing comprehensive reports, it effectively visualizes the strengths and weaknesses of a team contributing to a Git repository. This allows for the identification of standout performers deserving of recognition, as well as individuals who might benefit from additional coaching to optimize their performance.

  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Real-time queue tracking (multi-user)
  • Git diff parse
  • GitHub API rate limiting
  • Long background async tasks
Real Estate analyzer
Laravel" React Rubix ML

Real Estate Analyzer (2023)

Real Estate Analyzer is a cutting-edge Real Estate Assessor powered by Machine Learning. This innovative solution specializes in crawling Spanish websites to identify prime investment opportunities. By employing ML algorithms, it intelligently analyzes real estate data to pinpoint properties with significant potential for return on investment.

  • Machine learning regression model
  • Model fine-tuning
  • Web crawling
  • Feature cleaning